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TL Professional: Fulham's Premier Beauty Salon

Nestled in the heart of Fulham, TL Professional is not just a salon – it's a sanctuary for all your beauty desires. Our state-of-the-art facility merges comfort with modern elegance, providing an ambiance that soothes as much as the services we offer.

  • Ethereal Eyelashes: Our expert lash technicians specialize in tailoring the perfect set of eyelashes that suit your eyes and personality. Whether you crave the natural flutter or a dramatic volume, we assure each lash is applied with precision, creating a look that’s undeniably you.

  • Luxe Laser Treatments: Say goodbye to unwanted hair and skin imperfections. At TL Professional, our cutting-edge laser treatments ensure smooth, rejuvenated skin. Each session is undertaken by trained professionals, making your experience safe, efficient, and transformative.

  • Bespoke Brow Artistry: The brows frame the face, and ours make a statement. From microblading to brow tinting and threading, our artists sculpt, define, and enhance – all in the pursuit of brow perfection.

Immerse yourself in an experience where beauty meets relaxation. At TL Professional, we don't just make you look good; we make you feel exceptional. Book your session today and let us unveil the best version of you.

Welcome to TL Professional Academy by Tinna Lozovan

Who I am?

Tinna Lozovan ~ trainer & speaker in eyelash extensions and eyebrow industry.
With 8
 years experience in eyelashes & eyebrows,  provided services to over 10000 clients and

trained over 100 students in eyelash extensions.

🏆 Awarded TOP Lash Trainer for London at Top Lash Camp 2023.
🏆 1st place winner in a worldwide brow competition 2022 in brow shape & tint.
🏆 2nd place winner in a worldwide brow competition 2022 in brow lamination 
🏆 2nd place winner in a worldwide lash competition 2019 in 3D Volume of eyelash extensions 

🔸Owner and creator of TL Professional studio in 2020 
🔸 Trainer in eyelashes and eyebrows on LVL College UK 2018-2020
🔸Participant of Top Lash Camp 2022

🔸Level 3 in education and training May 2022
🔸 Qualification in Lash Trainer January 2022
🔸 Over 15 courses attended in eyelashes and eyebrows 
🔸 Over 30 online seminars worldwide attended in eyelash extensions

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